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IWANTITALL brand is my imagination

My name is Elizaveta Lisavetskaya, I've finished the art school, got the high education in British Camberwell College of Arts. I've created animated characters for Russian Souzmultfilm studio of animation, several collaborations with apparel brands, specialized on apparel painting and embroidery.
«ut I've taken it a step further animated imagined characters and have decided to present real people brightness and originality.

Glasses have always been my special passion, because it is bright and expressive accessory that completes any look, gives it emphasis and the special charm. This passion have leaded to IWANTITALL unique capsule collection birth.

What does make WANTITALL to mark out from others?

Each item of my collection is made manually, with love and warmth. WANTITALL glasses invokes not to hide human's eyes from the external world, but vice versa save and array in the organic frame the internal soul light, that is going from inside to help others enjoy it
In WANTITALL glasses you will always draw the eye and feel properly yourself

Yours, Elizabeth Lisavetskaya

Using such accessory even the most outstanding person can express their bright individuality.
In the collection are exposed classic models that would be good for any situation and unique items that are stagger the imagination! Flamy flashings , flying wings, unusual geometric forms, different colors - forget the stereotypes and frames and choose the glasses that can reflect the piece of your internal world.

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